Induces excessive urination, breaks kidney, gall bladder calculi & then passes it

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Beneficial to helps in the ailments associated with kidney stones

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Top Benefits of This Package

  • helpful in urinary tract disorders and relieves difficulty found in urination
  • Reduces renal colic and helps to break down kidney stones into smaller fragments to rid them easily
  • A natural product that is GMP certified and is gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and has no side effects
  • Useful In Protracted Fever And Incurable Cough, Tuberculosis, Or Asthma.
  • It removes the impurities from the blood, purifies it and makes it germ-free
  • It nourishes and strengthens the kidneys

What You Will Get Inside This Combo

Cura Patherol Choor Juice

Dehydration is extremely prevalent during the summer, and those who spend a lot of time either on the road or in the office sitting in front of the computer tend to dehydrate due to their lower quantity of water consumption and lifestyle, which contributes to kidney stone formation. 


Majoon-e-Hajr-ul-yahood is a natural product recommended for kidney stones. Another name for hajrula yahud is stony olive. It is an excellent product for urinary disorders. Majoon-e-Hajr-UI-yahood naturally helps in breaking the kidney stones into smaller fragments which are easily removed from the urinary tract with the passage of urine.

Hamdard Sharbat Aalu Balu

 Shabab E Azam is great Unani medicine for addressing male debilities. Shabab E Azam improves the power of erection, nourishes the local muscles and provides the orgasm with full stiffness in the male organ, prolongs the mating period and provides extra sexual pleasure to both the partners.

Key Benfits Of This Combo

Helps in flushing out the renal stones

Helps in flushing out the renal stones

Promotes renal health

Provides relief from dysuria

Respiratory tract infections

Other Benefits

  • Incurable Cough
  • Blood Purifies
  • Tuberculosis
  • Break down kidney stones

Main Ingredients Of This Combo...

Main Ingredients Of This Combo

Other Ingredients

  • Javitri
  • Behman Surk
  • Orchis latifolia
  • maghz-e-tukhm-ekonch
  • behman surkh
  • Tukhm Sambhaloo
  • Shakar Safaid

How to Use

Sharbat Aloo Baloo

1-3 Gm Taken After Mixing With 10 Gm Honey Or As Prescribed By Doctor.

Majoon-E-Hajrul Yahood

Take 250 mg-500 grams twice a day or as prescribed by the physician.

Cura Patherol Choor Juice

Pour 10 - 20 ml into a measuring cap and dissolve in 1 cup of lukewarm water or as directed by a physician

Package Details...

Pure Unani Extracts

No Know Side Effects

Authentic Method

Curated By Doctor

Ministry Of Ayush Approved

Precautions to be taken while using This Combo

  • Self medication of this medicine is not advised.
  • Over-dosage may cause adverse effects.
  • Take this medicine in precise dose and for limited period of time,as advised by doctor.
  • Keep away from children’s reach.

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